The Birth Of Your Newborn

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Your NewBorn.

Find out some of the essentials for looking after your newborn. Vaccinations and immunsiations are a vital part of your baby’s health schedule. You can also learn about the fontanelle, umbilical care and circumcision through to information about poos and wees, nappies and giving your baby a bath.


Breastfeeding your baby can bring many benefits but for some, it can be a painful experience. Some mums may have problems with sore nipples, breast engorgement, reflux and mastitis (blocked milk ducts).

Formula Feeding

Bottle feeding your baby with formula can still provide the nutrients that your baby requires. Learn more about bottle feeding with formula, how to feed your baby, cleaning and sterilising baby bottles and reflux.

Sleep and Settling your Baby

Every baby will have their own pattern of sleeping. Find out how to settle and calm your baby and how to safely put your baby to sleep

Baby Development

Your baby will grow a lot in their first 12 months and there are a number of milestones that each baby will reach through their development. You can also find out how baby learn as they grow and how play helps them develop.